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Coffee Bar Menu


Traditional bar

Espresso $2.25... $1 for an extra shot

Macchiato $2.75

Cappuccino $3.75 (6oz)

Cortado $3.00

Latte $3.75 (12oz) / $4.25 (16oz)

Americano $2.75  (12oz)/ $3.25 (16oz)

Mocha $4.75 (12oz) / $5 (160z)

Breve $4.50 (12oz) / $4.75 (16oz)

Cold brew $4.00 (16oz) / $5.00 (24oz)


Slow bar:

Pour over: $3.25 (12oz) / $3.50 (16oz)

Aeropress $3.50 (8oz)


Specialty Lattes (flavor added):

Hot 12 oz $4.75

Hot/Iced 16oz $5.00

Iced 24oz $6.00


Flavors available:

Ghirardelli chocolate, Ghirardelli caramel,

Ghirardelli white chocolate, coconut, butter pecan,

almond, hazelnut, honey, toasted marshmallow,

vanilla, peppermint, raspberry, strawberry, lavender,

peanut butter, sugar free vanilla, sugar free caramel 



All prices include tax 


Milk alternatives 

Oat + .75 cents

Almond + .50cents


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